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God save the Corgi!

Take our fun filled Corgi quiz

It's the Queen's birthday this week so we thought we would have a little look into Her Majesty's favourite companion, no not Prince Phillip but her beloved Corgis.

With that in mind, we have put together a fun filled Corgi quiz to test your knowledge!

d) Her Majesty has owned over 30! The Queen was presented with her first Corgi for her 18th birthday present, which was named Susan. Since then they have been an ever present companion. She currently has two called Holly and Willow.
d) 3 of Her Majesty’s Corgis, Monty, Willow and Holly appeared in the famous scene inside Buckingham Palace alongside 007 himself, James Bond. Monty had previously been owned by the Queen Mother.
a) Remarkably in the 135 year history of Crufts, the cute little Corgi has never been crowned best in show. We’re sure this terrible injustice will be put right in the near future.
a) Believe it or not, the Corgi was originally bred for herding cattle. Known as “heelers” they would keep cattle on the move by nipping their legs.
c) The word originates from the Welsh language, comprising cor meaning dwarf and gi which comes from a Welsh word for dog. The term began to be used regularly in the 1920’s, around the same time the breed was recognised as a pure breed in the UK.